My name is Hans Reigle and I am a veteran running for U.S. Congress. Thank you for checking my website.  I believe that Delaware needs someone who has experience both inside and outside of the political arena to represent us at the national level. I am asking you to help send me to Washington, D.C. 
I believe some of the key issues impacting our quality of life are the need to:
  • Reclaim high tech and low tech manufacturing jobs to enable more Americans to work.  
  • Improve our educational system so our youth have greater hope and options as they enter the workforce.  Local control of education needs to be increased and maintained. 
  • Address our border control problems in order for Americans to reclaim our sense of security. 
  • Eliminate wasteful spending that is draining our nation's economic resources.  A $19 trillion national debt is unacceptable.  
  • Address urgent veteran's issues such as health care, benefits, homelessness and suicide risk.  

Primary Race for Delaware Representative
August 27, 2016
Please donate to my campaign now. Do you really want more of the same?

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